This is an informational website for managers who want a more satisfying, competitive and profitable workplace.

There is a lot of misinformation in the business world about company culture. This website attempts to correct that. For openers, many people think developing a company culture is an operational problem. It isn’t.

    • Developing a company culture is a leadership issue — it cannot be delegated.
    • Developing a company culture is not a project — you cannot approach it like a regular operational issue with analysis, problem identification, corrective action. To change your culture you don’t analyze and write a report — rather you take small steps, moving in the direction you have determined with your leadership team.
    • Developing a company culture is the most difficult undertaking a manager will ever make — but it is often the most rewarding.
    • A well-developed company culture is an unbeatable competitive edge. It taps into the endless creativity, energy, and enthusiasm of employees at every level. Nobody can beat that.
    • Developing a company culture does not require adding anything new — everything needed is already present in your company, it just needs noticing and reinforcing.